Download and Install Gameboy Advance Emulator Myboy! for Android FREE

Just as when we were little we took our GameBoy Advance everywhere, now that it is no longer for sale, can we do the same now? With the Android emulator MyBoy! we will have at our disposal all the games of the mythical GameBoy Advance video game console, all on our Smartphone, this being the best option available at the moment, an efficient and fast emulator that works great on all mid-range mobile devices. Have at hand all the saved games and ready to resume on your Smartphone at any time and anywhere. We also have options to improve the gameplay as fast forward time for dialogues or long trips that always help to optimize our time when we play sporadically away from home.

Some of the features of MyBoy! emulator are:MyBoy ROM

  • Wide compatibility
  • Battery saving mode always on
  • 60 fps in full screen
  • Emulation of the link cable via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Compatible with gyroscope, tilt, solar, etc. sensors integrated in our Smartphone hardware.
  • Accepts GameShark cheat codes, ActionReplay, CodeBreaker, etc. with the function to enable and disable at any time.
  • No BIOS file is required
  • Fast forward and slow forward to help us in gameplay and comfort when playing games.
  • Instant save with screenshot.
  • Integrated screen layout editor to modify for example the size of the buttons on the screen.
  • Compatible with external controllers through Android.
  • Shortcuts to our games from the main screen of our Android device.

Download MyBoy! emulator for Android for FREE

To download MyBoy! emulator for Android we must follow the following steps:

  1. First we will have to click on the download link of the GameBoy Advance emulator that we leave you on this page.
  2. MyBoy! (392 downloads)
  3. It is possible that we are asked permission to continue with a download of unknown origin, in which case we select “continue anyway”.
  4. We wait for the download to finish.
  5. We locate in the download folder the MyBoy! file, which is in apk format.
  6. We have already downloaded our MyBoy emulator, now to install it we leave you in the following section the instructions to perform.

Install MyBoy! emulator for Android

To install the MyBoy! emulator on Android we must:

  1. Run the .apk file that we just downloaded in the previous section.
  2. Follow the installation instructions that appear when you open the file.
  3. Select the main language.
  4. Accept the rules and conditions of use.
  5. We wait for the installation to finish.
  6. That’s it! We have everything to start playing. Search in the Android main menu and you will find the MyBoy! emulator ready to play.

Latest version of MyBoy!

Myboy! emulator is in constant development and evolution, but there is nothing to worry about because the program itself is updated to the latest version periodically automatically as long as we are connected to the internet.

MyBoy! Emulator Requirements

The MyBoy Emulator requirements are the minimum that our device needs to support the use of this emulator that most mid-range Smartphones can perform the task without problems, if you notice that the emulator does not run the games smoothly try to reinstall it.

ROMs for GBA Myboy! Emulator

Once we have the emulator installed and functional on our computer we are given endless possibilities and games at our fingertips. Although the Myboy! Android emulator does not come with any game included, on this page you can find a section of ROM games in which you can find a variety of games to your liking, as well as the best selling and most downloaded games for you to try the most beloved video games by the community. With our search engine you can start looking for childhood games that bring us more nostalgia and enjoy them all from the comfort of your cell phone.